The Last Jedi

Who’s the last Jedi? Luke Skywalker.

Yoda called Luke the last Jedi and so did Episode VII, it seems fairly obvious that The Last Jedi refers to Luke and the fact that Episode VIII will have a greater focus on him in the movie (which isn’t saying much compared to Force Awakens).

At this point, pretty much all that’s definitely known about Episode VIII is that it’ll take place directly after Episode VII, so following Luke isn’t hard to believe, extremely obvious in fact, but is he the only last Jedi?

The Jedi in  The Last Jedi could be plural and that’ll probably be the case. Chances are, there’s going to be another meaning at some point, maybe it’ll be obvious, maybe it’ll be one of those theories that you find when you spend too much time on Google or YouTube that makes so much sense that it has to be true, but is never confirmed, leaving you with an empty feeling in your heart that you’re afraid will be replaced by a canon that isn’t half as good.

There isn’t much to talk about past this, so here are a few theories that you’ll find all over the place about what exactly “The Last Jedi” refers to, if you look into it:

  • Jedi as a plural refers to Luke and Rey, or another group of Jedi, maybe even Jedi coming out of hiding, maybe Kanan and/or Ezra (fairly unlikely).
  • Kylo Ren turns to the Light Side, maybe he’s the last Jedi, maybe it’s plural again, referring to being Ren, Rey and maybe even Luke.
  • Luke dies and is the last Jedi having not trained anyone else how to be a proper Jedi. (Speaking of which, is Luke a proper, prequel era Jedi? He clearly isn’t adverse to using the Dark Side)

The downside to theorizing about every little thing in Star Wars is, would Disney want to do it? Would they want to waste time making Jar Jar a Sith? Would you want them to? Would they get rid of the Jedi, one of the biggest things to come out of the Star Wars movies EVER? Maybe, normally I’d say no because that sounds ridiculous, but these are the guys and girls that eradicated the expanded universe. They could want to distance themselves from the original series and make it their own, they’ve done it to the Sith (although the Sith didn’t really exist until the prequels, movie-wise at least), maybe removing the Sith was just the beginning, a test to see if audiences would be open to getting rid of big parts of the canon.

In closing, Luke is the last Jedi, but the only last Jedi? Who knows.


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