Is Logan the movie that we deserve and the hero that X-Men needs?

(Not counting Deadpool, because that’s not really apart of the X-Men-verse, not yet at least)

Okay, so far Logan is looking pretty bloody amazing, especially when compared to the other Fox X-Men movies, but it does raise a question or two. How does the comic shown in the trailers change things, what will happen after Hugh Jackman leaves, how does Logan mess with the timelines? Let’s find out.


I’ll start with the easier subject first, timeline/s, considering we’re talking about the X-Men movie timeline/s, that’s saying something. Clearly Logan is set sometime after any of the current films, most of, if not all of the X-Men are dead and Logan and Xavier are old farts, so that’s pretty obvious.


What happens after Hugh Jackman leaves is a harder question, for so many reasons. The obvious answer seems to be that X-23 will replace him and become the next Wolverine, similar to the comics, but with all of the timelines that they already have, that would be a giant mess to fit her in without using time travel again (which would also defeat the purpose of introducing her).

Considering that, Logan seems like it might be a stand alone movie, maybe introducing the idea of X-23, so that Fox can introduce her into an ongoing series (whether TV or movie) in a more major role.


Okay, now that that’s all out of the way, I think that Fox will reboot X-Men, again, why? Because Deadpool did amazing and Apocalypse did not, what does this mean you ask, well, look at the things that they’ve done with Logan so far, it’s darker, or maybe Fox is just moving truer to the comics (which is what I’m hoping for) and with that in mind, they have to be rethinking the X-Men movies and the things that they can fix, maybe Legion is what they came up with. Maybe Fox will move from X-Men movies to X-men shows, with the big stories in movies, that would make more sense when you look at the X-Men comics, there’s a lot of characters and lot of stories for those characters. Netflix style shows similar to Marvel could be a better move for everyone.


Now for what X-Men comics being in Logan could mean for the series as a whole. It could just be a small thing introduced to Logan just as a reference to the previous movies and the fact that only something like, half the movies still count, or, it’s a sign that all of the previous movies (except for maybe Deadpool) are movies inside of this one. How much sense would that make, it would be a great way to explain away the previous continuity, any continuity errors and could be the beginning of the next series, the series that we deserve, or, at least I deserve, I don’t know about you kids.


In closing, Logan may be a completely (or mostly) segregated movie and may even be the beginning of something new for Fox.



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