Most people compare the Marvel and DC movies, but what about the Universal Monsters?

If you haven’t heard, Universal is starting it’s own connected movie universe, which I guess isn’t new for them, so “rebooting” their connecting universe is probably more accurate.

It seems like Universal has been trying for a bit to get it up and running with movies like Van Helsing, The Wolfman and Dracula Untold (the first two of which I’m a fan), but having no success, so they’re trying again, starting with another The Mummy remake staring Tom Cruise and featuring Russell Crowe as Dr Jekyll (I’m not sure how much of a part he’s going to play yet).

That’s  right, Dr. Jekyll, as in Jekyll and Hyde, will be in the new The Mummy movie. Universal hasn’t even started their series yet and they’re already establishing a connected universe, which is something that Marvel and DC don’t have the advantage of, established characters, that most people that watch movies and/or TV have at least heard of.


I’m looking forward to Universal’s new movies and I want to see how they introduce the idea of a connected universe similar to Marvel, which you may have noticed by Sony and DC’s efforts, isn’t as easy as it sounds, a lot of things can go wrong, the X-Men movies are good example of that.

Now that I’ve mentioned all of the big shared universes, I want to go into more detail about Marvel’s, because I’m not a big fan of the way that they’ve done it so far. Up to this point, a lot of their references have seemed forced and the exact opposite of subtle, especially when talking about already established characters, while the new (or currently unused) characters are given almost unnoticeable references, unnoticeable to anyone other than die hard fans that is.


Just to be clear, the way that I see it, references don’t have to be as obvious as they are in Marvel and DC’s movies, just to name two current references that bugged me:

The Infinity Stones in Dr. Stange. Not at all necessary, I’m sure that most, if not all of the people watching Marvel movies at this point, figured that the Eye of Agamotto was an Infinity Stone. It could have been left unconfirmed with a strong tie-in in a future movie.

Justice League in Suicide Squad. This reference is the definition of redundant, everything that needed to be shown, was already forced (in the most clumsy of ways) into Batman vs Superman. Not only did it not need to happen, but it actually raises questions as how Batman actually learned about the metas that’ll form the Justice League.


In closing, I just really want Universal to finally perfect the whole “connected universe” thing that everyone seems to want to make for some reason and I feel like if anyone could or should, it would be Universal. Then again, Star Wars has done a pretty good job haven’t they?



Is Logan the movie that we deserve and the hero that X-Men needs?

(Not counting Deadpool, because that’s not really apart of the X-Men-verse, not yet at least)

Okay, so far Logan is looking pretty bloody amazing, especially when compared to the other Fox X-Men movies, but it does raise a question or two. How does the comic shown in the trailers change things, what will happen after Hugh Jackman leaves, how does Logan mess with the timelines? Let’s find out.


I’ll start with the easier subject first, timeline/s, considering we’re talking about the X-Men movie timeline/s, that’s saying something. Clearly Logan is set sometime after any of the current films, most of, if not all of the X-Men are dead and Logan and Xavier are old farts, so that’s pretty obvious.


What happens after Hugh Jackman leaves is a harder question, for so many reasons. The obvious answer seems to be that X-23 will replace him and become the next Wolverine, similar to the comics, but with all of the timelines that they already have, that would be a giant mess to fit her in without using time travel again (which would also defeat the purpose of introducing her).

Considering that, Logan seems like it might be a stand alone movie, maybe introducing the idea of X-23, so that Fox can introduce her into an ongoing series (whether TV or movie) in a more major role.


Okay, now that that’s all out of the way, I think that Fox will reboot X-Men, again, why? Because Deadpool did amazing and Apocalypse did not, what does this mean you ask, well, look at the things that they’ve done with Logan so far, it’s darker, or maybe Fox is just moving truer to the comics (which is what I’m hoping for) and with that in mind, they have to be rethinking the X-Men movies and the things that they can fix, maybe Legion is what they came up with. Maybe Fox will move from X-Men movies to X-men shows, with the big stories in movies, that would make more sense when you look at the X-Men comics, there’s a lot of characters and lot of stories for those characters. Netflix style shows similar to Marvel could be a better move for everyone.


Now for what X-Men comics being in Logan could mean for the series as a whole. It could just be a small thing introduced to Logan just as a reference to the previous movies and the fact that only something like, half the movies still count, or, it’s a sign that all of the previous movies (except for maybe Deadpool) are movies inside of this one. How much sense would that make, it would be a great way to explain away the previous continuity, any continuity errors and could be the beginning of the next series, the series that we deserve, or, at least I deserve, I don’t know about you kids.


In closing, Logan may be a completely (or mostly) segregated movie and may even be the beginning of something new for Fox.


The Last Jedi

Who’s the last Jedi? Luke Skywalker.

Yoda called Luke the last Jedi and so did Episode VII, it seems fairly obvious that The Last Jedi refers to Luke and the fact that Episode VIII will have a greater focus on him in the movie (which isn’t saying much compared to Force Awakens).

At this point, pretty much all that’s definitely known about Episode VIII is that it’ll take place directly after Episode VII, so following Luke isn’t hard to believe, extremely obvious in fact, but is he the only last Jedi?

The Jedi in  The Last Jedi could be plural and that’ll probably be the case. Chances are, there’s going to be another meaning at some point, maybe it’ll be obvious, maybe it’ll be one of those theories that you find when you spend too much time on Google or YouTube that makes so much sense that it has to be true, but is never confirmed, leaving you with an empty feeling in your heart that you’re afraid will be replaced by a canon that isn’t half as good.

There isn’t much to talk about past this, so here are a few theories that you’ll find all over the place about what exactly “The Last Jedi” refers to, if you look into it:

  • Jedi as a plural refers to Luke and Rey, or another group of Jedi, maybe even Jedi coming out of hiding, maybe Kanan and/or Ezra (fairly unlikely).
  • Kylo Ren turns to the Light Side, maybe he’s the last Jedi, maybe it’s plural again, referring to being Ren, Rey and maybe even Luke.
  • Luke dies and is the last Jedi having not trained anyone else how to be a proper Jedi. (Speaking of which, is Luke a proper, prequel era Jedi? He clearly isn’t adverse to using the Dark Side)

The downside to theorizing about every little thing in Star Wars is, would Disney want to do it? Would they want to waste time making Jar Jar a Sith? Would you want them to? Would they get rid of the Jedi, one of the biggest things to come out of the Star Wars movies EVER? Maybe, normally I’d say no because that sounds ridiculous, but these are the guys and girls that eradicated the expanded universe. They could want to distance themselves from the original series and make it their own, they’ve done it to the Sith (although the Sith didn’t really exist until the prequels, movie-wise at least), maybe removing the Sith was just the beginning, a test to see if audiences would be open to getting rid of big parts of the canon.

In closing, Luke is the last Jedi, but the only last Jedi? Who knows.