WB would make a better Infinity game than Disney.

I’m going to talk about Disney Infinity, again, I’ll rehash some points and I might even bring up some new points, also, why a WB version would be better.

Okay then, to start off with, Disney Infinity. Level content and other extras could and should have all been smaller discs that don’t take up much room and cost less to make. Seriously, some of the things are ridiculous, Hulk fist, Avengers Tower and other annoying things that take up too much room and that the target audience (children) would get nothing out of, even collectors and those that like to show these things off get nothing from them, they’re translucent, seriously useless and I’m sure they cost way more to make than they should have.

Now the figures, to start off with, I like the figures, I got into it because I liked the look of the Star Wars ones and wanted to collect them all, but the fact that you NEED figures to get anything is the worst, they aren’t exactly cheap and considering the fact that the target audience is, again, children, why make them so expensive, older, nerdy folks would enjoy them more, would they not? So why not target the game more towards them, parents are paying for the things and they don’t exactly add much to the game, sure you can play as Darth Vader, but the whole point of the game is pretty much just to build things, but to build things you need to buy more pieces, followed by unlocking even more things by playing the game, why make a game that’s pretty much all about building, then target it at children (pretty young children at that), then make everything physical toys, followed by having to unlock extras, that’s a lot of effort to get to do the whole purpose of the game without any restrictions.

I mentioned the physical toys for extras and the fact that I think that they’re ridiculous, seriously Disney, make the discs, why go through the effort of all the extra crap, save some money, who was asking for those things? Back to my point, the game should have had DLC, or some form of in-game transaction to permanently unlock characters and extras and have the physical figures give players extra experience or something for their characters. As for the figures (or toys) themselves, the game shouldn’t have been actual toys in the game, make them actual characters in the game and mature it up, just a bit to attract an older audience (you know, the people that actually have money).

Now to fulfill my promise of telling you why a WB version would be better… Looney Tunes. How easy is that, none of this toy crap (is it supposed to be a Toy Story thing?), just have the game set in the Looney Tunes world, have DC go there and maybe even have Looney Tunes go to the DC world, why would this work? Because it does, DC is, I don’t want to say constantly, but they do mix the two every now and then, there was a point where they did Looney Tunes variant covers for the DC comics and more recently they’ve done a few one shot issues where they full on crossover. WB also features DC characters in their Looney Tunes cartoons (generally as a costume or something), so WB already has co-operation between the teams that they need, one of the things that bugged me most about Disney Infinity (other than the stuff I’ve mentioned) is that there isn’t any actual crossovers in the game’s story modes, for example you can’t play as Iron Man in the Star Wars stories, or even as Star Wars characters in the Avengers arena thing (which is pretty awesome aside from the limited characters that could be used).

Now, I understand that there are those of you out there, that may claim that LEGO Dimensions is essentially the WB version of Infinity, but you’re wrong (unless you don’t believe that, than good on you), LEGO Dimensions is a LEGO game with a lot of characters, that’s it, there’s no difference between it and any other LEGO game, aside from the LEGO folks getting less money right? I mean, they could’ve made one game per franchise, but now they’ve got add-ons, sometimes more than one, but still. Anyway, Disney Infinity does have a bit more to it, it’s just that they didn’t make it as big as they should have, the figures look great (imagine how many different Batman figures WB could sell) and each character is fairly well represented in-game (I love the Spider-Man game play) and offers pretty well rounded gameplay, the downside really comes in the level design and the fact that Infinity focus’ more on building your own levels than the levels/games that you pay for, along with the immaturity clearly targeting the game at children, seriously, there’s a mission in one of the Star Wars games where you actually help a Twi’lek senator ‘test’ a playground, what the hell is that?!


In ending, “Infinite possibilities” is pretty misleading and if you don’t know what I mean, than you didn’t read the rest of my words now did you and if that’s the case I tisk you, tisk, tisk, tisk.



Most people compare the Marvel and DC movies, but what about the Universal Monsters?

If you haven’t heard, Universal is starting it’s own connected movie universe, which I guess isn’t new for them, so “rebooting” their connecting universe is probably more accurate.

It seems like Universal has been trying for a bit to get it up and running with movies like Van Helsing, The Wolfman and Dracula Untold (the first two of which I’m a fan), but having no success, so they’re trying again, starting with another The Mummy remake staring Tom Cruise and featuring Russell Crowe as Dr Jekyll (I’m not sure how much of a part he’s going to play yet).

That’s  right, Dr. Jekyll, as in Jekyll and Hyde, will be in the new The Mummy movie. Universal hasn’t even started their series yet and they’re already establishing a connected universe, which is something that Marvel and DC don’t have the advantage of, established characters, that most people that watch movies and/or TV have at least heard of.


I’m looking forward to Universal’s new movies and I want to see how they introduce the idea of a connected universe similar to Marvel, which you may have noticed by Sony and DC’s efforts, isn’t as easy as it sounds, a lot of things can go wrong, the X-Men movies are good example of that.

Now that I’ve mentioned all of the big shared universes, I want to go into more detail about Marvel’s, because I’m not a big fan of the way that they’ve done it so far. Up to this point, a lot of their references have seemed forced and the exact opposite of subtle, especially when talking about already established characters, while the new (or currently unused) characters are given almost unnoticeable references, unnoticeable to anyone other than die hard fans that is.


Just to be clear, the way that I see it, references don’t have to be as obvious as they are in Marvel and DC’s movies, just to name two current references that bugged me:

The Infinity Stones in Dr. Stange. Not at all necessary, I’m sure that most, if not all of the people watching Marvel movies at this point, figured that the Eye of Agamotto was an Infinity Stone. It could have been left unconfirmed with a strong tie-in in a future movie.

Justice League in Suicide Squad. This reference is the definition of redundant, everything that needed to be shown, was already forced (in the most clumsy of ways) into Batman vs Superman. Not only did it not need to happen, but it actually raises questions as how Batman actually learned about the metas that’ll form the Justice League.


In closing, I just really want Universal to finally perfect the whole “connected universe” thing that everyone seems to want to make for some reason and I feel like if anyone could or should, it would be Universal. Then again, Star Wars has done a pretty good job haven’t they?


Is Logan the movie that we deserve and the hero that X-Men needs?

(Not counting Deadpool, because that’s not really apart of the X-Men-verse, not yet at least)

Okay, so far Logan is looking pretty bloody amazing, especially when compared to the other Fox X-Men movies, but it does raise a question or two. How does the comic shown in the trailers change things, what will happen after Hugh Jackman leaves, how does Logan mess with the timelines? Let’s find out.


I’ll start with the easier subject first, timeline/s, considering we’re talking about the X-Men movie timeline/s, that’s saying something. Clearly Logan is set sometime after any of the current films, most of, if not all of the X-Men are dead and Logan and Xavier are old farts, so that’s pretty obvious.


What happens after Hugh Jackman leaves is a harder question, for so many reasons. The obvious answer seems to be that X-23 will replace him and become the next Wolverine, similar to the comics, but with all of the timelines that they already have, that would be a giant mess to fit her in without using time travel again (which would also defeat the purpose of introducing her).

Considering that, Logan seems like it might be a stand alone movie, maybe introducing the idea of X-23, so that Fox can introduce her into an ongoing series (whether TV or movie) in a more major role.


Okay, now that that’s all out of the way, I think that Fox will reboot X-Men, again, why? Because Deadpool did amazing and Apocalypse did not, what does this mean you ask, well, look at the things that they’ve done with Logan so far, it’s darker, or maybe Fox is just moving truer to the comics (which is what I’m hoping for) and with that in mind, they have to be rethinking the X-Men movies and the things that they can fix, maybe Legion is what they came up with. Maybe Fox will move from X-Men movies to X-men shows, with the big stories in movies, that would make more sense when you look at the X-Men comics, there’s a lot of characters and lot of stories for those characters. Netflix style shows similar to Marvel could be a better move for everyone.


Now for what X-Men comics being in Logan could mean for the series as a whole. It could just be a small thing introduced to Logan just as a reference to the previous movies and the fact that only something like, half the movies still count, or, it’s a sign that all of the previous movies (except for maybe Deadpool) are movies inside of this one. How much sense would that make, it would be a great way to explain away the previous continuity, any continuity errors and could be the beginning of the next series, the series that we deserve, or, at least I deserve, I don’t know about you kids.


In closing, Logan may be a completely (or mostly) segregated movie and may even be the beginning of something new for Fox.


Disney Infinity

Disney could have saved Disney Infinity right?

OK, so, Disney cancelled Disney Infinity, why? As far as I can tell, it’s got something to do with the cost of the figures and maybe competition with Battlefront.

From what I can tell, they just completely dropped the game without trying anything to keep it going (that’s why I got into it, figured I’d buy all of the Star Wars figures), they even laid out a timeline showing that the servers would but shutdown after something like, a few months.

Okay, the cost of the figures part doesn’t seem too hard to fix, I feel like Disney should have figured out that producing the highest quality toy to life figures might not quite be feasible in the long run. Easy fix? Make the characters downloadable for one, forcing everybody to buy all of those figures to unlock characters (not even unlock, you have to have the figures on the plate and the plate plugged in to your console to use them, very annoying. (Note: I get that this is a toys to life thing, but I don’t play others)), buying those things adds up, especially parents buying them for kids. Who wants to buy a stack load of figures for their kids, that they will break?

Still on the figures, why make figures like the translucent Hulk fist? That’s right, that’s a thing, it’s one of the play-set things, tell me that’s not a waste of money, I dare you. If they wanted to waste money on figures, I’m sure they could sell vehicle figures and why not make alternate look figures, or more obscure characters like Plo-Koon or Kit Fisto?

Speaking of Star Wars, they could have used 3.0 to make the game more mature, draw in a more mature gaming audience, some bits aren’t so bad, but there are missions that are 100% directed at children (There’s one mission where you have to help a Twilek play on a swing set, bloody ridiculous).

Before finishing, Disney actually had plans to continue the line with things like Doctor Strange and Rogue One, but they just dropped everything.


In closing, Disney Infinity should’ve had downloads and matured the game a bit, or literally done anything, like, at all.